September 23, 2019 Dantanna

MOVIN and SHAKIN people!!! (Beware LOADS of irrelevant ramblin)


Hello once again people! Whaaaatttsss Gwaaarrrnnnin??? Looooooooong time since my last website communication!!!!

…………..Well it aint like i aint been busy along with the rest of the human race innit 😉

So i thought id fill those of you who can be arsed to read this, on what i been up to more recently……..



Some of you maybe aware that i had a project with the PWDR MNKY crew on the go last 2 years? It was a worth while experiment indeed overall….i did have some great times and got to work with very, very interesting musicians from different backgrounds….it was a kind of an open band come social experiment involving various people who didnt necessarily know each other at first, all mashed into one big HipHop crew and live band…..we played some good shows including a sell out Heducation night in Brum town and a few festival appearances, which is what im all about to be fair….

The line up mutated after a year and i looked at making the sound a lot more organic and jam based as i was working with talented musicians who i think needed that ability to be able to improvise within the music. This actually went quite well and culminated in one final show in Buxton with us supporting Malarkey on what appears to also have been their final show…..hopefully they will resurface again in the future, but in the meantime RIP to the Malarkey crew……

Well to surmise, the cheeky little PWDR MNKY chimp got a bit out of hand with his heavy snorting of banana peels and unfortunately had to be sent down south to rehab at Monkey World. My hopes and prayers go along with that poor little fella!


– REMIX RELEASE – WILL YOU BE MY LIE (MEME Detroit – DantannaBeatz remix) –

At some point early this year i was by chance chatting to Maria the vocalist from Birminghams MEME Detroit band. She mentioned that she was looking for some remixers to remix a new track she was releasing soon called ‘Will You Be My Lie’ (a cool track by the way and recently up for a best video nomination in our parts

I thought about it and jus though fuk it, i’ll offer my services. As it happens she always been a supporter of my work from afar and accepted my offer. Within a short period of time she got in touch and sent me the multi track masters of the track for me to consider.

I downloaded the audio and set about seeing what the song was made up of. If im honest i actually looked at the names of each separate track (guitar, bass, kick drum, etc) and just decided to make a mainly clean sweep of the track and chose a very minimal Vocals and Feedback Delay guitar audio from the selection.


With these basic elements i managed to construct the whole remix in one day. There where a few mixing tweaks a little later and i did a radio edit of the track, as the original is quite long. Anyhow we were happy with the way it turned out and it got mastered and released on the 17th May 2019….

NOTE: A rare thing for me to turn around something so fast lol

Heres a link for those of you who would like to hear both mixes –

And to download the remixes –

Oh and it got some radio air play including local BBC which was nice 😉


– NEW MUSIC VIDEO ALERT – DIRECTORS KUT (Ridlaa & DantannaBeatz) –

Next up you may remember that i did a little collaboration ditty and music video about 2 years ago called ‘Mustang (Really Wanna)’? Maybe, maybe not!! ….well that track with rapper Ridlaa took off nicely and made a little ripple for us both, a shit load of views and a BMA nomination for best video….not that we won haha

ANYWAY me and Ridlaa got in the studio again about a year ago to do another collaboration track. This time it was to go towards Ridlaa’s next album project which see’s him combining visuals with every track on his awaited new album. This has recently culminated in ours crews getting together to create another music video visual delight for you to go along with our track.

The tracks called ‘DIRECTORS KUT’ and the brand new video will be released i believe on the 4th October 2019. Keep your eyes peeled on FaceSpaz!!!

We had a lot of fun on one of the hottest days of the year filming this footage….a real contrast to the Mustang video as this time i brought lots of silly props and we all hit a chilled out park in Birmingham to present our mad take on this video and tune…..i hope you will enjoy it as was a laugh to make 😉



Aaaaannnnndddddd finally i have to announce that ive been booked to do a live show for Birmingham’s premier HipHop night once again……and this time its for New Years Eve!!! GULP 😉

Heres a link to the event –

NOT to be confused with the old Dantanna live band i had going back in the day though. This time im bringing a whole NEW SET to the dance floor….well mostly….

This will be a vehicle for me to really rock the party with an uptempo line up of HipHop and breaks dug deep from my archive of music over the last 7 years as well as completely new beat compositions exclusively for the night.

Ive also decided to do some re-imagined tribute tracks to artists and songs that i admire and have sourced the original samples that these famous artists have used and reconstructed their music…..but Dantanna styleeeeee!

Expect some high energy shit going down along with a new live band featuring members of my old crew alongside new friends and musicians to my fold.

Its a free entry show and will, as always be….’BRINGING THE PARTY TO THE PEOPLE!’


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